Kaitlynn’s 4th Birthday Party | Amerimont Academy
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Amerimont Academy

Amerimont Academy


Doors open at 1PM!

AmeriMont Academy was founded by a mom after starting a preschool for her own three children in the year 2000.  Mrs. Licato never expected to be in the childcare industry but after touring and evaluating numerous places for her children, the reality of nothing being good enough grew into a dream to develop a superior program that meets the needs of children and parents.  “If children have to be away from their parents, they should not just be looked after, but that time should be used to enrich their lives.  They deserve to be respected, loved and educated.”

After researching the best ways to accomplish the goal of providing a quality educational environment, Mrs. Licato found that many of her philosophies paralleled that of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Recognizing that other educational techniques are very effective and can be used in conjunction with the Montessori philosophy is what has evolved into “An Enriched Montessori Environment”.


490 Anaheim Hills Road Anaheim Hills, CA 92807


Doors open @1PM!

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